What is Shopify and how does it work?

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If you want to keep more money, you can turn 2 buttons. You will save on your expenses or you will earn more. Preferably you turn both knobs at the same time! Let’s take a look at 30 common side hustles you can pick up today to increase your income.


Key Takeaways

  • Stock picks, which fall under the umbrella of active management, are stock selections made by investors using systematic analysis of various factors affecting stocks.
  • Active management differs from passive management, in which investors buy passive investment vehicles such as exchange traded funds (ETFs).
  • When picking a stock, investors and analysts study a company’s financial statements, looking at key line items and financial ratios.
  • Investors and analysts also study the industry and sector of a company as a whole and its peers before making a stock pick.


What is a side hustle?

The concept of ‘side hustle’ naturally came over from America. It means an activity in addition to your daily work or study, with which you also earn an income. We also call it ‘hosseling’. Earn extra money in addition to your job with a side job, odd jobs or a trade.

A hobby like photography that does not generate money is not a side hustle. But if you earn money with your hobby – for example by selling those photos via stock photo websites – then we call it a side hustle. The so-called hustle economy is booming! Logically, we are all looking for an extra source of income because life has become so expensive. Another reason to start a side hustle is that not everyone can use all their skills or interest in the ‘main job’. Running something for yourself is often just a lot of fun and satisfying.

Many side hustles start as a hobby project. Later it turns out that you can make good money with it. That’s how I started blogging about Italy (first in addition to my work as an employee, then in addition to my work as a freelance copywriter). As the site grew, I discovered that you can also make a good living from this, if you take a more commercial approach. Now you may also be looking for an extra source of income, but you are still unsure about which side hustle you should choose. I’d love to help you get started with about 30 ideas that you could start today.


side hustles to start with today
Side hustles to start today (image: Midjourney)

1. Writing as a side hustle

We’ll start with what I like to do in the form of all kinds of different projects: writing. Previously on this blog I have provided a list of writing side jobs with which you can earn money quite easily. From writing texts on assignment to blogging and from writing a book to writing reviews in exchange for money.

With the rise of AI, these writing side jobs have also become a lot easier, so that everyone can now join in.

Earn money writing texts – a great example of an easy-to-set-up side hustle (photo: Unsplash)

You can view the entire list here .

Don’t worry if you’re not much of a writer, there are plenty of other ways to make money quickly.

2. Start a (paid) newsletter

paid newsletter side hustle
You can set up a (paid) newsletter in no time (photo: Content Pixie/Unsplash)



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Wait a moment before you start laughing. ‘Newsletters’ are the new gold. Serious. In the second decade of the 21st century, it is the algorithm-free way to reach your own audience, no matter how old-fashioned they may sound. You don’t even need your own website.

With a platform like Substack you can publish a newsletter in a few minutes, for which you can also charge money over time. It is best to choose a niche and then provide valuable content on a regular basis.

And don’t think that no one is going to pay for your stories. Especially in these times of information overload, people like to pay for valuable content that saves your readers time or money. Or it’s just particularly amusing.

Of course, you shouldn’t immediately start asking for money for your newsletter. If you have fewer than 500 subscribers, you might want to look into affiliate marketing first . And yes, writing newsletters only slowly builds an audience. But once you have those thousands of readers, some of whom pay you 5 euros per month… Ka-ching!


3. Create an online course

The big advantage of an online course is that you only have to take it once. Then you can sell it again and again. Of course you have to adjust or update something every now and then, but that no longer takes that much work.

A big mistake that many aspiring online instructors make is thinking that the course should be as comprehensive as possible. And that stops them from starting. You also hear the objection that people think they do not yet know enough about the subject to teach a course on it.

create your own course as a side hustle
Create an online course in your field and sell it through various platforms, such as here on Udemy (source: udemy.com)

But you have to remember that anyone who has a knowledge advantage over others can put valuable information into a course. And that course really doesn’t have to be a masterclass in your field. In fact, courses that solve a relatively simple problem in a few simple steps are in high demand.

Do you have certain knowledge from your job or area of ​​interest? Then see if you can share that knowledge in a simple online course. You can always expand this course later. Or add other courses.

You may even have the materials you need to create the course ready in a folder on your computer! Otherwise, you just have to work on writing a program that will take students from A to B.

If you don’t like writing a lot, you can also record your course via audio or video.

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4. Freelancing/remote working

freelancing as a side hustle
Freelancing alongside your regular job is an easy way to earn extra income (photo: Kornél Máhl/Unsplash)


Of course, there are many more things you can tackle freelance than just writing. Is there something you are good at that others would like to pay you for? Think of creating a website, taking photos at a wedding, creating a corporate identity for self-employed people. There are plenty of options. The great thing about freelancing is that you can start earning immediately, without a long start-up time or a lot of upfront investments. You can even do it from home, because you can ‘apply’ for remote work . This often concerns text work, translation assignments or online reviews.

You can also dip your toe in the water before immediately registering with the Chamber of Commerce. Just take on a few odd jobs first to see how you like it, in addition to your 9-to-5 job.


5. Providing tutoring

giving tutoring as a side hustle
Do you enjoy teaching children (or adults) something? Give tutoring lessons! (photo: Giovanni Gagliardi/Unsplash)

Do you have knowledge of a subject taught in high school? Or have you worked in primary education and do you master the strategies to teach children arithmetic, language and spelling? There are many parents who would like to have some money left over to help their children. You don’t even have to do it in person, you can often help with a video connection. This way you can easily free up a few hours a week to help children or young people with things they find difficult at school.


6. Fixing things

Do you enjoy getting devices working again? Washing machines, dishwashers, bicycles, smartphones or TVs? Start a repair service, helping people in the evenings or on weekends.

repair service as a side hustle
Some space in your shed? Start a repair service! (photo: Tom Conway/Unsplash)

If you already have some tools and dexterity, you can start immediately. If you can also come to your home with your repair service, you provide a convenient service that will certainly be appreciated by your customers.

Can’t you repair anything, but can you do some DIY or painting? You can of course also do this in addition to your ‘normal job’. This type of work is in high demand!


7. Computer or software assistance

Are you good with PCs and tablets? Have you ever thought about turning this into a side job? In a society that is becoming increasingly digital and in which more and more people are faced with computer problems, this can be a lucrative side hustle.

computer help as a side hustle
With an increasingly digital society, the demand for computer help is high (photo: Cookie the Pom/Unsplash)


Older people in particular want to keep up and are looking for someone who can patiently explain to them how the tablet, smartphone and computer work.

Do you know a lot about a certain type of software that is widely used? Then it is a good idea to set up a helpline to help users. This can be done, for example, via video calling (screen sharing), but possibly also via WhatsApp or Facetime.


8. Grocery delivery service

shopping service as a side hustle
Help the elderly or needy with their daily shopping (photo: Mittmac/Unsplash)


Yes, you can also have your groceries delivered to your home by most supermarkets. But many older people still find it easy to place an order personally and have it delivered personally. You often have to visit several shops, but this can be a fun side hustle where you can also do something for your local community.


9. Rent out excess space

This is a side hustle that you can perform largely passively, once you get it going. Do you have a spare garage or room? You can rent these out via platforms such as Marktplaats or Airbnb. Please note the precise conditions in your municipality.

If you have a spare room, you can rent it out through platforms such as Airbnb (photo: Sonnie Hiles/Unsplash)


10. Help others as a budget coach

Are you good with money yourself? Then you may be able to help others get better at it. Many struggle to get their income and expenses under control. Can you help provide insight into this? Then your tips are worth money. Anyone can become a budget coach, but it is of course useful to take a course in this first.

Are you good with money? Become a budget coach! (photo: Markus Spiske/Pexels)


11. Coach in your field

In addition to being a budget coach, you can also coach in all kinds of other areas. As a side hustle, you can position yourself as an occasional coach in addition to your employed job or self-employment. In any field. If there are ‘juniors’ in the market who you can coach on a part-time basis, you can simply call yourself a coach.

coaching as a side hustle
Do you think it would be fun to coach? (photo: Magnet.me/Unsplash)


Are you dreading doing that one-on-one? Then look at a platform like Soofos, Udemy or Teachable, where you can share your skills.


12. Accounting/taxes

Do you have a thing for numbers? Then maybe you can help others who have less experience with this. What am I saying? There are entire tribes of people who would like to throw this aspect of their entrepreneurship over the fence!

Accounting: not everyone’s hobby, maybe it’s yours? (photo: Emmanuel Appiah/Unsplash)

Both private individuals and entrepreneurs struggle with their accounting and tax returns. You could easily take on a few customers for whom you relieve this administrative burden. It is useful if you know exactly what you are doing!


13. Hire yourself as a virtual assistant

Do you have broad experience in the field of administration, copywriting, agenda management, secretarial work and marketing? Then consider hiring yourself out as a virtual assistant. This means that you get to work for busy entrepreneurs, who often don’t have time to answer their emails or ‘do’ their social media.

virtual assistant side hustle
You don’t need a lot of help to be able to help others as a virtual assistant (photo: Nick Morrison/Unsplash)


The big advantage is that this can all be done remotely thanks to modern technology. Agree on a number of hours per week for tasks that suit you. Yay, another side hustle that you can start today.


14. Your own YouTube channel

If you have a clear niche and you can make videos about it (well-known are the gaming channels, where you record the screen of your PC or game console and provide commentary while you play the game).

You can choose to record yourself, but that’s not necessary to start a YouTube channel (Photo: Jenny Ueberberg/Unsplash)


That doesn’t mean you’ll earn a lot of money right away. First you need views, or viewers. But as your channel becomes more popular, this can become a fun and lucrative side hustle. Just be aware that it’s easy to get lost in hours of late-night gaming sessions and you don’t want to neglect your 9-to-5 job either😉

Don’t worry so much about camera fear. If you really don’t want to be in the picture, you can. There are countless successful ‘faceless’ YouTube channels. You can find a whole bunch of ideas for YouTube here .


15. Selling digital art

Are you more the creative type? It is relatively easy to create digital art and sell it. Apart from a laptop or desktop and an internet connection, you don’t actually need any tools or materials.

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